FreeBSD Versions 4.10 vs. 5.2.1

Bill Moran wmoran at
Tue Jun 22 05:10:53 PDT 2004

freebsd at wrote:

> Just a quick questions. I've been running into a few problems with 5.2.1 not
> being very stable and was thinking of reverting back to 4.10. I usually run the
> current versions from the ports collection, such as Gnome. I was wondering if
> this will be a problem? Also, what will I loose when I go back to 4.10. Also,
> is 5.2.1 faster or is 4.10 faster and more stable.

I'm running all the current ports on 4.10 without trouble.  I cvsup and
portupgrade fairly regularly.  And I use Gnome.

I was running 5.2 on this machine a few months ago, I can't say that I've
seen any speed difference between 4 and 5, but I haven't actually run
any tests either.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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