blocking internally

Kevin Stevens freebsd at
Sat Jun 19 10:00:26 PDT 2004

On Jun 19, 2004, at 06:11, John Lee wrote:

> hi, i have 7 ips on one box, however they can't connect internally
> to each other IP ports. please advise.

Counting below, you only reference 6 IP addresses on the box:,,,,, 
and  What's the seventh one?

> here's my setup:
> rc.conf:
> defaultrouter=""
> ifconfig_sis0="inet  netmask"
> /etc/ips.added:
> ifconfig sis0 inet alias

Ok.  BTW, these statements indicate that you own an entire class C of 
public address space.  That seems unlikely, and if it's not the case, 
you shouldn't be using the addresses.

> ifconfig sis0 inet alias
> ifconfig sis0 inet alias
> ifconfig sis0 inet alias
> ifconfig sis0 inet alias

Problem here.  These addresses are not in the same subnet as the 
primary address (  Therefore you shouldn't use a /32 
for them, you should use the actual netmask.  This is definitely true 
for the FIRST 63.223.71.x address, and I *think* it's true for the 
others as well.  I've never actually seen an example of assigning 
multiple IPs for a second subnet under FreeBSD.

> route add

This is broken.  You're saying "route any traffic this host is sending, 
destined for itself, to an external gateway".  I really doubt you want 
to do that.

> route add
> route add
> route add
> route add

Again broken, for the same reasons.  You don't normally enter routing 
statements for your OWN IP addresses, you enter routing statements that 
describe how to reach OTHER addresses/networks.


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