copy or listing problem

Henrik W Lund henrik.w.lund at
Fri Jun 18 04:24:09 PDT 2004

Yavuz Maşlak wrote:
> Hello
> I use freebsd4.9
> I have thousands of files in my any directory. and I need to copy them to another directory. 
> but when I started to copy them I got error as below;
> /bin/cp: Argument list too long.
> Do I have to copy them in pieces ?
> What shall I do ?
> Thanks 


You could do it with a shell script:


for file in *
	if [ -f "$file" ]
		cp "$file" "$target_dir" #Define $target_dir yourself

This will only do files, not directories or other special files. If you 
want to copy directories as well, the script will quickly grow bigger.

Read man sh for more (maybe even too much) info on how to do anything 
with scripts.

-Henrik W Lund

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