3com 3c905 watchdog error

Pat Hayes pzhayes at swbell.net
Tue Jun 15 15:02:43 PDT 2004

Undoubtedly this problem has been covered many times. I am not very savy
with Freebsd.



I am using Freebsd 4.9 compiled for use with smp. The system has a Promise
Fasttrak tx2 100 raid card using 4x40 in a raid 0, which is currently acting
as a small file server for my lan. Whenever I copy large files or a large
number of smaller files (mp3's) off the server the system reboots or worse
yet it reboots. The system has a 3com 3c905b-tx nic in the system. I have
noticed that if I set my other machine, to which I wish to copy the files
to, to run at 10mbit's and leave the freebsd box at 100mbit/sec the crash
takes much longer to happen. Normally it would crash within 3-5 minutes, so
not immediately, and much longer, say 20 minutes if I copy at 10mbit/sec. I
have also noticed that if I copy 1 600 meg file off, it will not crash, yet
if I copy 100 mp3's off, it crashes. The system is also running apache,
sendmail and bind. Initially I was getting xl0 timeout errors. After doing
some googling I discovered the possibility of a irq conflict. I immediately
took out any other cards in the system, sound/decoder, and moved the network
card and promise raid controllers around in slots until the bios post screen
showed no irq sharing or conflict. Yet the problem still remains. It is here
now that I've noticed that occasionally instead of locking up, it will just
reboot, although still most of the time it locks up.


System information is:


Abit Bp6 with dual Celeron 366's. 

Standard ide boot drive

4 ide 40 gig western digital drives on promise fasttrak tx2 100 raid

3com 3c905b-tx nic

Nvidia geforce 2 video


I think that's about all the standard stuff, nothing else in there.



Any help would really be appreciated





P.S. Please accept in advance my apologies if this seems too simple or a
dead subject, as I have just joined the mailing list. I really enjoy using
freebsd, just seems easier than all the linux distro's.


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