Help: I think I've been hacked! what can I do??

Mark Jayson Alvarez jay2xra at
Tue Jun 15 01:57:38 PDT 2004

  Last night before this morning, I was browsing fine
with kde's konqueror. I don't remember doing anything
about my system rather than dialing through ppp. This
morning, when I ppp to dial into internet... my
external modem established a successful
connection(because I can see the LED's are lightened
up the way I usually see it). 

   But when I launch the konqueror and typed something
in the address bar and hit enter, it says <Unknown

   Next, I tried browsing through Links in my shell
but it still says Unknown Host. I even rebooted my
machine and tried dialing again.. but still says
<unknown host> whichever browser I use. 

I've tried to ping and it replied. I've
tried to ping but it says there
was an error.
   I've type ifconfig in the shell and it returned
something like 198.0.2...---->198.3.4...(just an
example) at the bottom which indicates that I have a
successful connection with my isp and they have
provided me with a public ip address.

I'm sending this email to you from Windows and I'm
pretty sure that my external modem is working fine.

 Do you have any idea what could have happened with my
pc? I honestly think that I've been hacked and I am
being denied of service. Now, I only have one thing in
my mind... to back up my files and reformat my freebsd

 If you know something better than formatting my pc,
please tell me where should I begin...

One last thing...
  Other than those of recovered vi sessions, I can
read some unusual mails about system occurances etc..
when I logged in as a root(but I dont know what they
really mean)

Looking forward to your kindness,
-jay  :=(

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