Leaving a server on all day

Jonathon McKitrick jcm at FreeBSD-uk.eu.org
Tue Jun 8 12:15:08 PDT 2004

On Tue, Jun 08, 2004 at 03:05:14PM -0400, Joe Altman wrote:
: Yes; spills, flying objects, whatever. Most importantly, it's not on
: the floor, and securely on my desk. I deal w/ the noise by keeping the

What is so bad with the floor?

: > That reminds me: is a CD/RW a feasible data backup device?  I've never used
: > mine.
: For me, yes it is. Tapes are, or were, too expensive. The CD/RW I

Is there a readme on this?  I could never figure out how to get burncd to
work with backups.

: purchase a UPS. There is a webpage somewhere that lists models of UPS

Good idea.

My other computer is your windows box.

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