OT: <do not read if OT annoys you> group coding standards

Goodleaf, John JGoodleaf at ctiseattle.com
Mon Jun 7 13:10:19 PDT 2004

   I'm abusing the mailing list because many of you are sickeningly
   clever and have long experience in IT. I'm working to establish a
   document (yep) providing guidance for our company's
   small-but-growing IT group with regard to coding standards and
   practices. It seems rife with potential problems and there is
   already the potential for one of those variable-naming holy wars
   (e.g. intVariableName, varname, VarName, varName). So my question:
   is there a good document out there on the net somewhere, maybe
   hiding at a University site from which I can draw for general
   consideration? Any experiences? Recommendations?

   It's a hard problem. How do you provide conventions that don't annoy
   the hell out of programmers, but which ensure that legibile,
   maintainable code is left?

   Any suggestions welcome. Please cc me directly, as I'm not currently
   on this list.


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