Help:Compiling and Installing of new kernel Without making buildworld(is it possible?)

Henrik W Lund henrik.w.lund at
Thu Jun 3 14:52:18 PDT 2004

Mark Jayson Alvarez wrote:
> Hi,
> This is just a follow up with my previous mailings
> I'm upgrading my 4.9 system to 4.10.
> The steps I made were as follows and also what
> happened after doing so.
> First: I used the /stand/sysinstall-->Ugrade
> (only bin selected..)--->100 % completed--->rebooted
> says:
> can't load kernel... booting kernel.old...
> So, I used the cvsup method and fetched the sources
> for the following...
> include
> base
> sys
> bin
> etc
> sbin
> tools
> share
> usrbin
> usrsbin
> release
> Next, I went to /usr/src and did a make buildworld..
> says something like... compile error...
> (I think i missed some more needed sources)
> So, I just did a 
> make buildkernel... then... make installkernel
> Last... I rebooted and then...
> (I shouted YEAH BOOY!!! I'm invinsible!!!... and
> I see something like loading kernel FreeBSD 4.10
> (whiew!)
> Questions:
> Am I totally upgraded to freebsd 4.10 now?
> Or its just the kernel that was upgraded and is it
> possible?)Cause I didn't able to successfully make
> buildworld...
> If its just the kernel... Do you have any idea what
> else from the sources that I've cvsuped must be
> missing for me to be able to do a make buildworld and
> make myself land in a perfect freebsd 4.10 userland?
> And is it necessary to do a make buildworld?
> One last thing... the GENERIC kernel configuration
> located in my /usr/src/sys/i386/conf that I have
> copied and edited before... Is it safe to use that
> again??Is it the new 4.10 configuration file? Because
> after compiling... I've lost the kernel support for my
> sound card and atapicam driver...
> Thanks a lot!!!
> -jay


First, regarding the buildworld failure: yup, you probably missed some 
sources. Or, you forgot to set up /etc/make.conf properly. If you've 
never touched make.conf, buildworld assumes you have all sources. Since 
you downloaded only some of them, buildworld will eventually try to 
build something for which you do not have the sources. Using 
/etc/defaults/make.conf as a reference, setup make.conf to only build 
the stuff you think you need.

Second, regarding the status of your upgrade: my guess is that you're 
running a 4.10 kernel, and a partially 4.10 world. Check it out by 
running programs that interact closely with the kernel. ps(1) and top(1) 
are such programs. If they act "weird", you probably still haven't quite 
managed to upgrade.

-Henrik W Lund

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