Need Help on Win98

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Thu Jun 3 07:08:24 PDT 2004

Why not just forget about adding routes in the workstations, and add a
route to the "other" network in your default gateway?


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On Thu, 3 Jun 2004, Ho, Guan hui wrote:

> I need help on how to make the routing persistent in Win98.  I have my

> PC connected to a network that has two separate routers connected to 
> the same network.  One of the routers is for surfing the internet and 
> the other is for connectivity to the VPN email system.
> I used to change the gateway and restart the PC depending on what I 
> need to access.  Not a practical solution.  I now can do so by going 
> to the MSDOS prompt and type in the routing command.  Please find 
> example below.
> c:\>route add mask
> c:\>route add mask

couldn't you put those in autoexec.bat, (or a script that you run from
the windows startup directory)?


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