NFS Setup Problem | Permission denied from client system

bhunter at bhunter at
Tue Jun 1 15:00:51 PDT 2004

I have setup a NFS Server and the demons are running on the server. I have
created an exports file located at /etc/exports

This is the exports file:

#/home/samba/ -alldir -maproot=root
/home/samba/ -alldir solid

the one that is commented out is what I had at first, but neither are working
for me when I try and mount from the client system.

flipnode at solid# mount core:/home/samba/ /mnt
[udp] core:/home/samba: Permission denied

ask you see I get a Permission denied for either export setups..

What am I doing wrong?
I was thinking that the problem is folder permissions, but that samba dir has
full access to everyone. Maybe the home dir has to have full access as well?

Thanks guys,

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