Problems after IP change

Steve Bertrand iaccounts at
Wed Jul 28 07:21:41 PDT 2004

> On Wednesday 28 July 2004 14:03, Steve Bertrand wrote:
>> > Hi all!
>> >
>> > I recently got a new IP on my outside interface, and I replaced the
>> old
>> > IP with the new one in my IPFW ruleset, and restarted natd.
>> > Now everything was alright until my network clients (on the inside
>> > interface)
>> > started complaining that they can't connect to remote servers. Ping
>> still
>> > works, but they can't fetch their mail or surf the net.
>> > It looks like something is wrong with my firewall, but I changed
>> nothing
>> > but
>> > the old address.
>> > Are there other processes that need to be restarted?
>> Did you actually change the IP on the interface itself? If not:
>> edit /etc/rc.conf and change the IP/Netmask, then:
>> # /etc/netstart
> Yes, the IP was changed. I ran /etc/netstart, but it didn't help. As I
> said,
> ping works as normal, and the packet sniffer shows normal TCP connections
> and
> there are even answers from the remote servers, so I really have no clue
> what
> could be wrong. I don't think it would do this with a wrong IP.

Do you have an ``alias_address'' statement in your natd.conf file?

Usually, you will specify the interface that natd operates on, but in some
situations, some will specify an alias address instead.

Check the file, and ensure that you are not aliasing the old address.


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