best way to update my system?

Anthony Philipp philipp1 at
Tue Jul 27 00:18:40 PDT 2004

Hello all,
i recently updated my laptop by using cvsup to download the latest 5.2.1 + patches source, and the did all the steps to make world. it works fine, but is there another way which takes less time, to update my laptop? what i would really like is a way to cvsup the security patches, and just build those and then just install those, that way i dont have to worry about a new kernel or anything. right now my cvsup file reads *default tag=RELENG_5_2 if i changed to RELENG_5_2_1_RELEASE would that just give me the patches to 5.2.1? if patching by source doesnt work this way is there a way to use binary patches? 
well thank you for the help

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