SSH Client - (newbie need help)

Bryce brycemott at
Thu Jul 22 23:13:53 PDT 2004


Im a newbie to FreeBSD and I need to run an SSH client
to connect to the Solaris server at my University. I
was previously using Putty on WinXP, however there
appears to be a bug in the current putty port which
causes it to crash before exchanging keys if the
servers key is not cached.

I googled looking for other clients and found secpanel
which sounded good but it requires
/usr/ports/x11-toolkits/tk84 which appears to be
broken.... arrggghh!  

Can someone please point me to either a good
alternative SSH client for FreeBSD or help me to
overcome these problems to install either putty or

Appreciate any help,


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