Your 3rd and last chance to help me with vmware

Ben Paley ben at
Wed Jul 21 10:15:46 PDT 2004

On Wednesday 21 July 2004 12:06, Dick Davies wrote:

etc, etc...

> sod portupgrade - manually pkg_delete all the vmware crap, then pkg_add it.
> > On boot, I get this message:
> >
> > kldload: can't load /usr/local/lib/vmware/modules/vmnet.ko: No such file
> > or directory
> >
> > -bash-2.05b# locate vmnet.ko
> > /usr/local/lib/vmware/modules/vmnet.ko
> Is the file actually there - what does ls say?

Thanks a lot for your help - on the advice of various people I actually moved 
this over to current@; the 'current' (geddit?) state of play is that vmware 
runs ok,  but the vm doesn't boot, and I did make a note of all the relevant 
error messages (at least I think they were relevant, and I think it was all 
of them...)

Thanks a lot for your help (and everyone else's, even if I seemed to spurn 
their good advice), I really appreciate it!


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