How to send attached files on sendmail with mail tool?

Jay Moore jaymo at
Tue Jul 20 21:20:26 PDT 2004

On Sunday 18 July 2004 07:38 pm, Murray Taylor wrote:
> cat file | uuencode tgt_filname | mail -s "subject" test at
> You can send .tgz, .tar.gz, .xls, .csv, ... files using this method..
> Ie any file at all as the uuencode does all the necessaries to make the
> file into 7bit ascii.
> subject can be derived from shell script variables if necessary.

Do you have to do a uudecode on the receiving end to recover the file?

I tried this - sending a pdf file from this FreeBSD system to a Windoze user 
that gets mail via POP - it didn't work. The filename came through, and it 
was listed as an attachment, but there was nothing useful in the file.


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