install problem

Jonathan Arnold jdarnold at
Mon Jul 19 07:02:49 PDT 2004

I downloaded the ISO from LiveBSD that installs 5.2.1:

And I'm having problem when trying to boot the CD-ROM. I get
the following errors, after it loads for a while:

     Mounting root from cd9660:acd0
     setrootbyname failed
     iso_mountroot: can't find bootvp
     Root mount failed: 6

And then I get put into this :

     Manual root file specification:

And it asks me for a partition to boot. Any ideas what could be going
wrong? Is the ISO broken? There's nothing too weird about the computer.
The CDROM drive is the secondary Master. There's a tape drive that is
the secondary slave, while the 80gb hard drive is the primary master.
It's a pretty vanilla setup - an 800mhz Intel chip on an ASUS motherboard.

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