problem while installing FreeBSD

Bawan bawan at
Thu Jul 15 09:19:15 PDT 2004

I tried with options Start kernel configuration and Skip Kernel
Configuration and have same result. Keyboard is not getting "off" even I do
cold boot, but system start and same thing repeats.

My computer description is:

API Multiprocessor PC
NVDIA RIVA TNT2 Model display card
NIC 3COM (3c905c-TX)
AMD Athlon (tm) MP 1900+
AMD Athlon (tm) MP 1900+

SCSI and RAID Controller:
SX6000(tm) IDE RAID Controller

Please let me know if you need anymore hardware information.
Note: I am installing from CD, do you think I have to try installing from

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> I just started installing it. There is no any extra peripheral connected
> to
> it. I think I am on first step, I am suppose to get Sysinstall menu after
> reboot, but it gets stuck after saying rebooting...

When replying to a post, please ensure you Cc: the list, so that everyone
following the thread knows what is happening. It is also beneficial to
knew users who 'lurk' but haven't yet posted that may be having similar

Now, back to the subject...

If you've already installed FBSD, sysinstall should not come back up by
default. The machine should boot, then you should be dropped right at the
command prompt.

If I understand correctly, the last message you see is 'Rebooting...'? If
this is so, what happens after a cold boot? Post the messages where it
gets stuck.

Also, this may be a good time to post your hardware (mobo, NIC, and
additional info).



> Thanks.
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> Subject: Re: problem while installing FreeBSD
>> I am installing FreeBSD 4.10 from CD. The computer hung up after
>> rebooting
>> and I am not getting Probe result. Computer  and keyboard seems to be
>> hung
>> up.
> Where exactly is it hung? What is the last few lines of output that is
> displayed?
> Do you have any extra peripherals plugged in (ie. scanner, camera, CF
> cards etc)? If so, unplug all unneccisary devices and try to boot again.
> Steve
>> I don't see any conflicting devices on my computer.
>> Can you help me on this?
>> Thanks.
>> bawan
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