100Mbit/s LAN slow, TX only ~3MB/s (esp. file transfer) -- why?

dvc at jtxa.de dvc at jtxa.de
Wed Jul 14 14:53:30 PDT 2004

Andreas Ntaflos wrote:
> Hello list, 
> here's the situation: a small LAN with two FreeBSD machines (one
> 4.10-STABLE, one 5.1-RELEASE-p11), one Gentoo box, one Windows 2000
> Laptop. All the machines have 100Mbit/s capable network interfaces,
> configured for full duplex and auto-negotiation, and actually running 
> in 100baseTX-FD mode (5.1 uses rl0, 4.10 dc0, Gentoo and Windows are
> also equipped with RealTek RTL8139 NICs).


not sure if this works, but you could try setting the media 
type for the rl0 on the 5.1 machine manually (it's a realtek 
8139, right?):

ifconfig rl0 media 100baseTX



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