Large Backup with Amanda

Jon Mercer jon.mercer at
Mon Jul 12 08:27:04 PDT 2004


When designing a backup strategy one of the most important considerations
will be recovery. You haven't described what that requirement is so you
should be careful of the answers you get!

Amanda backups can use a version of the GNU tar which can be used to
generate tar type backups if that is what you require.

If you don't have a requirement for generating tape indexes, etc. you
don't seem to get much benefit from using amanda to manage the write out
to tape. However, there is the matter of transporting the data between
backup servers for which amanda does seem to add some benefit.

This is not much of an answer, so I hope it helps you a little.



> Hello List,
> i have a little question.
> I have to backup nearly 330GB of Data in my company from different hosts.
> At this moment we have installed 2 Servers. One server catches all the
> backups
> from the different clients with amanda and makes a huge folder within
> all the backup-files.
> After that we backup these folders in 80GB-portions on the other server
> which has
> a backup-tape, also with amanda.
> Is it possible to backup these files easily with a tar or is an
> amanda-backup
> necessary?
> Or has anybody an other solution or idea?
> Volker
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