Mouse in X

Henrik W Lund henrik.w.lund at
Sun Jul 11 03:44:46 PDT 2004

Stanley Wright wrote:

> Hello Henrik,
> Thanks.
> The mouse now works. I needed to choose the "Microsoft" protocol and 
> choose /dev/cuaa0 and disable the mouse daemon in the console.
> Now that I've fixed the mouse the only other problem is the internet. 
> My external modem connects fine but when connected I cant load any web 
> pages. It says error loading (example) and even if i try 
> accessing an Ip address i get the same error. Any ideas?
> If u ever visit the Caribbean remember that I owe u a favour.
> Stan.

You're very welcome.

What is the output of ifconfig, and what does your ppp.conf look like? 
Been a while since I used dialup ( ;-) ), but the way I remember it that 
whole setup leaves plenty of room for misconfiguration.

-Henrik W Lund

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