OK i feel stupid about this noob question but....

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Subject: OK i feel stupid about this noob question but....

> I dont know whats wrong with me but for some reason i cant add users to
> my system. I go through the whole bit of adduser -s but it asks "user
> names must match reguilar expressions [regext] "  ...  I dont even
> remember that happening when i use to add users or i might just be going
> insane, anyways i put in regext or the username or something but when i
> finaly get through the other 4 questions on there and get to acually try
> to add the user it says it must follow the expression ... I decided to
> beat my head agenst my desk to see if i could knock something lose,
> anyone wanna help with this? i have added users before ( back when i
> first got everything installed about 2 years ago) and have not really
> needed to since, but now im trying again..
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adduser.conf doesn't yet exist on your system and adduser is asking you for
the defaults.  If you accept the default entries, it will ask you at the end
to save them. Tell it yes and run add user again and you're all set and back
to your normal routine.


Micheal Patterson
TSG Network Administration

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