IP Aliasing Question

Terrence Koeman root at mediamonks.net
Thu Jul 8 10:14:08 PDT 2004

Have you tried using:

ifconfig vr0 alias netmask broadcast
ifconfig vr0 alias netmask broadcast

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> Hey,
> What I'm trying to do involves FreeBSD and IP aliases. 
> Hopefully someone has some ideas. Here's the general idea of 
> what I'm trying to do:
> I've got vr0, which is assigned to some IP address... let's 
> say: with a subnet mask of This 
> is all fine, and everything works.
> I'm implementing a protcol called ArtNet (which I didn't 
> design) which uses 10.x.x.x network for controlling lighting. 
> It's all UDP, and uses broadcast packets to 
> IP addresses of hosts are determined by a sort of shitty 
> algorithm based on the MAC address, and can appear anywhere 
> in the class A. This allows: a) IPv4 (yes, I know IPv6 would 
> be better) and b) autoconfiguration without the need for a 
> DHCP server. I didn't make it up, I'm just trying to make my 
> stuff work with it.
> So, here's the deal.... I want to add 2 aliases to vr0 so 
> that I can run 2 ArtNet services on the same machine. So, the 
> aliases would look something like this:
> netmask
> netmask
> Adding the first one like this works: ipconfig vr0 inet 
> netmask alias
> However, adding the second fails, I'm assuming because the 
> netmasks overlap. I can understand why this is so, but for my 
> application I actually want this. 
> Because programs listening on both addresses both need to 
> receive broadcast packets sent to
> So, how can this be done? Adding a second NIC is not an option.
> Cheers,
> Andrew
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