tcpdump (/dev/bpf* permission) in FreeBSD-current

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Tue Jul 6 12:04:43 PDT 2004

Only /dev/bpf0 is there at boot time
But when I run tcpdump, it automatically create
/dev/bpf1 (I have multiple NIC).
Running devfs at boot time cannot set the /dev/bpf1,
which is not present.

--- Lowell Gilbert
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Patrick Dung <patrick_dkt at> writes:
> > There is no way to decided the user/group and
> > permission of the device created. (/etc/devfs.conf
> can
> > be used, but it had to be start after the device
> is
> > created, where it is not created at boot time).
> devfs(8) rules should be automatically applied to
> all devices as
> they're created.  Setting up the rules at boot time
> should be exactly
> what you need.  Is this not happening?
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