After further investigation

Thomas Moyer tommoyer at
Mon Jul 5 19:53:01 PDT 2004

After sifting through the logs on the NFS client I've noticed that each 
time the NFS server stops responding the error a couple of seconds 
before is sk0: Watchdog timeout then several iterations of NFS server 
not responding...NFS server is alive again.  I'm thinking this is a 
problem with by NIC not the server.  Also the server is connected to my 
desktop computer through a serial console and I noticed in the log 
several tty overflows. 

My questions are ... is my NFS freeze caused by the timeouts on the 
client and if I lower the speed on the serial console will I eliminate 
the errors.  The current speed I've been using is 115200.  I'm thinking 
that I should go back to the default of 9600.  Any reccomendations?

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