Cant bring up network interface

John Murphy spam-trap at
Sun Jul 4 08:50:54 PDT 2004

Nikhil Kale <ngkale_2000 at> wrote:

>  I have just installed FreeBSD 5.2 on my system. My
>network card is National Semiconductors DP 83815 which
>is detected properly for interface sis0. But somehow I
>cant bring the interface up using DHCP. My machine is
>a dual boot, and the linux system gets the proper DHCP

man 8 dhclient says:
The  client  normally  doesn't  release	the current lease as it is not
required by the DHCP protocol.  Some cable ISPs require	their  clients
to  notify  the	server if they wish to release an assigned IP address.
The -r flag explicitly releases the current lease, and once the lease
has been released, the client exits.

So you may need to do whatever is your Linux version of dhclient -r

The DHCP server has already assigned a lease to Linux which FreeBSD
knows nothing about.

>  I am new to FreeBSD and am not sure whats happening.

You should send technical questions to questions at
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