5.2 upgrade failed..

Charlie Schluting charlie at schluting.com
Fri Jan 30 13:31:37 PST 2004

I'm a moron. I didn't follow the directions.

I did:

make buildworld; make buildkernel; make installkernel; make installworld.

Note: there was no booting into single user mode :(

The installworld failed 1/2 was through..

I rebooted into single user mode, tried to re-run installworld. It 
failed. I booted up, rm'd /usr/src, and now buildworld fails.

I'm assuming its because I have part 5.1 binaries, and part 5.2 
binaries. Any ideas?
Is it possible to run the CD install, and tell it to only install the 
base system?

Suprisingly, everything is "working" except mountd segfaults, and my 
soundcard doesn't work :)


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