FreeBDS don't accept 4 networkcards

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Thu Jan 29 08:18:02 PST 2004

This doesn't exactly help identify the problem much either.

How about including the dmesg output from bootup, and maybe the output
from pciconf.  If the card isn't being detected you need to do some
detective work to figure out where in the boot process things are going

Is it not being seen at all on the pci bus? 
Is the kernel failing to recognise it for what it is? 
Is the device driver not probing/attaching the device?

Determining these things will ultimately point to where the problem lies
and hopefully identify the solution.


On Fri, 2004-01-30 at 01:40, Sjaak Nabuurs wrote:
> > Your post is too general.
> > You have to post details of what you are doing.
> > Saying 4 Nics means nothing.
> > Where are they and what are their purpose?
> Sorry try again
> I have a FreeBSD box 5.2 release with 4 NIC's realtec ethernet cards in one
> box
> For routing traffic to 4 different networks.
> 1 DSL line and 3 wireless router network 192.168.1.xx  192.168.2.xx and
> 192.168.3.xx
> so I have 4 network card in my freeBSD box
> But the problem is that freeBSD recognize only 3 network cards at startup..
> Before I had linux running in this box and everything works verywell.
> But I like to use FreeBSD & dummynet to shappe traffic.
> Sorry for my English
> Thanks
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