Installation issues

Andrew Boothman andrew at
Wed Jan 28 15:53:57 PST 2004

Eric Thies wrote:

> I'm pretty new at this so bear with me.  Every time I try to install release 5.2 on my 1.8
> Athlon w/ 512MB of ram I get an 
> error that says "caught error code 11  That's Bad!", what does this mean, and what must I
> do differently to avoid this?  I  
> have tried installing even the minimum install but it still happens.  I'm not really sure
> what its trying to install when 
> it craps out though.  Any help would be most greatly appreciated.

At what point in the installation process does it do this? Is it the 
same point every time?

How are you trying to install? Floppys then FTP? CD? Is there a chance 
of a hardware problem?

Also, you might want to consider 4.9-RELEASE if you're quite new to 
FreeBSD as it's a bit more stable.


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