Dynamic Router IP.

Marwan Sultan Admin at kifco.net
Wed Jan 28 04:00:46 PST 2004

Hello everyone,

   I have FreeBSD 4.8-R as a NATd ipfw enable behind a DSL router.
   The router calling the internet and giving the connection 2the bsd box.
   BSD box does the rest for my LAN.

   I redirect the port 22 from the router to my FreeBSD LAN box.

   The problem is DSL each time calls the internet has a new 'real IP'
   so I cannot know the ip IF im at home, then i cannot access the box from
   outside the LAN.

   Question is:
   Is there a way to configure the FreeBSD box to send an auto email for
   me each time the router has a new 'real IP' ?

   For sure by somehow the BSD box knows about the new ip for router.

   Thank you very much in advance.

Marwan Sultan

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