Creative Soundblaster AUDIGI 2

Nicholas Wieland nicholas_wieland at
Tue Jan 27 14:18:55 PST 2004

Il Mar, 2004-01-27 alle 16:08, jsha ha scritto:
> hi.
> i'm trying to get this creative soundblaster audigi 2
> working on my freebsd 5.2 box.
> so far i've compiled both "device pcm" and "device sbc"
> into the kernel without it being detected.
> could anybody kindly offer their assistance? thanks.

Unfortunately Audigy 2 is not supported out of the box by FreeBSD, you
have to use emu10kx (I'm disconnected now, but if you search the web
you'll find it in no time).
After you've downloaded the module you can follow the instructions you
can find in a little howto posted on this list by dlodeiro, and have
your card working in no time (granted, I have the same card ^^, and it
works wonderfully).
If the latest release doesn't work don't despair and try an earlier one.


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