how to get rid of ^M character using vi

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Mon Jan 26 07:11:20 PST 2004

> how do i get rid of this annoying character ^M using vi, in pico i used the 
> arguments '-w'
> but what about in vi?

Those are extra carriage return characters generally displayed
as CR or ^M or \r depending on which programmers convention is
being used.

There are lots of ways to strip then including those using vi and 
sed and perl, etc.  The one I use which I find easiest is to run tr(1)  
THis is in FreeBSD standard.  You don't have to install a port just
for that like you do for some of the utilities that will do it.
Check out the man page.

Presuming your file is  just do:
       tr -d "\r" < > myfile.fixed
and it will remove (-d)  all carriage return characters ("\r") 
and write the results to myfile.fixed.

It will work for modifying other stuff across a whole file too.
You just have to learn its idea of the right conventions for 
special characters (if it involves special characters).

> cheers
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