Wep encryption.

Jesse Guardiani jesse at wingnet.net
Sat Jan 24 22:40:46 PST 2004

T Kellers wrote:

> On Sunday 25 January 2004 12:46 am, James A. Feister wrote:
>> How would I use ifconfig with a 128bit hex wep key?
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> ifconfig [your interface here] nwkey [your key here]
> I think wep 128 bit encryption keys are typically 13 characters long

Mine is 26 characters long in hex. You'll most likely have to use
the hex version if you want to use your key with different operating
systems or commercial APs. The "text" keys are all converted to hex
differently by different companies/Operating Systems.

I do it like this:

ifconfig wi0 ssid FreeBSD wepmode on wepkey 0xAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

And I think 128 bit encryption is really just 104 bit encryption:

        wepkey 1:104-bit

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