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Dirk  Thanks for the pointer to /usr/share/sendmail/cf/README.
It seems like this is generic info not really targeted at the way
sendmail is installed under FBSD.

So guessing at what it's really trying to saw I have arrived at
this to tell sendmail my sites domain name.

cd /etc/mail
Change DOMAIN(generic) to DOMAIN(
Save file
To compile the source into the file
Reboot to enable

Is this correct?

To my question, How do I tell sendmail to not do reverse IP lookup?

You said to Use: /etc/mail/service.switch

There is no file like that on my system and the README gives no
pointers as the where to find sample of this file. Need to know
syntax of statement that goes into /etc/mail/service.switch and how
to enable it.

Thanks for your help

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JJB schrieb:,

> Is there some way to tell sendmail to use local5 as
> it's facility and not mail?

Only by recompiling ...
but you can config in syslog.conf almost everything:

*.*             /var/log/only-sendmail

> I also see /var/log/ but this log file is not
> in syslog.conf. What is this file?

It's the statistics, run "mailstats" to see them.

> I use /etc/rc.conf hostname='' and
> sendmail is using userid at


> How do I tell sendmail to use just

There is more than one way.
$ less /usr/share/sendmail/cf/README


> How do I tell sendmail to not do reverse IP lookup?

Use: /etc/mail/service.switch

> Is the /var/log/maillog scanned by the daily cron management
> report jobs?

yes ...

kind regards Dirk

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