how to tell if my ISP is blocking email & web ports

Stephen L Martin freebsd at
Wed Jan 21 13:25:35 PST 2004


>From Adelphia's terms of service:

"You may not operate a server of any type using the Adelphia Broadband

Here is the link if you want to check it out:

I use adelphia as well, last time I port scanned myself from the outside I
got hit on ports 80, 25 etc.

Though I do suspect Adelphia of setting up "drone" machines scanning for
at least web (80)...maybe others. I get hit twice (within milliseconds) in
a row at least every couple of hours to port 80 from addresses in
Adelphia's range. The addresses change every about every two weeks, but
the rate remains constant. I've tried everything to get a response from no avail.

Well, to get to the point, I wouldn't run any servers on their standard
ports. Dyndns has something called the port redirect wizard
( where you run a server on a
non-standard port and the client doesn't need to know about it.

Stephen L. Martin

fbsd_user said:
> I am thinking about enabling my gateway's sendmail email
> server to receive email directly from the public internet and
> also installing apache to serve my own home page.
> I have 24/7 cable internet connection plus an registered
> domain name which goes no place right now.
> I know I can not ask my ISP's tech support if they block
> ports 110, 25, and 80, because they will get suspicious
> and monitor my account. Want to stay under their radar.
> So I need a way to test if the ports are blocked or not using an
> friends PC and my current  IP address.
> What do you recommend?
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