Mail server?

Gilad Rom gilad_bsd at
Sat Jan 17 22:26:26 PST 2004

jan.muenther at wrote:
> Howdy,
>>>configuration has always seemed pretty straight-forward.  If I stay with 
>>>sendmail, should I download and compile from sources?
> You should always use the ports collection, or a package, for what it's
> worth. By the way, if you think sendmail configuration is straightforward, I
> don't think there's much MTA software out there that could still scare you,
> not even qmail :P
>>If you choose to go with sendmail, you should use the base-system's.
>>It's pretty up to date with critical patches and the like.
> I personally deprecated sendmail ages ago, for two mai reasons:
>  - it's a cruft, one big old leviathan and delivers mail at according speed
>  - its security history
> I know both points are arguable and I don't want to troll off another holy
> MTA war here, just saying that these two points did it for me. 
>>I personally prefer Postfix, which is also used by the mail-servers at
>> The UCE blocking support offered by it is pretty good,
>>and configuration is straightforward. You don't even need to remove 
>>the base-system's MTA, just tweak rc.conf and mailer.conf and you're
>>up and away.
> I couldn't agree more. Postfix is fast, flexible and way secure and its
> configuration and general handling isn't as messy as qmail's. 
> For the most part, all you have to worry about is one central config file
> and it aims to integrate well into a system replacing sendmail. Try it.
> Cheers, J.
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Up to a month ago, I've never installed a mail server in my life.
And then, all of the sudden, I had to.

I used Postfix from the ports collection, and together with the online 
manuals, I had a production mail server in under an hour.
Configuration is _VERY_ straight-forward.

Since then, I had used the same configuration for 2 other production
mail servers, each with hundreds of users.

Postfix "just works", which for me, is the most important quality.


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