Why is a USB modem not a USB modem?

Shantanoo freebsd at dhumketu.cjb.net
Thu Jan 15 04:05:03 PST 2004

+++ Bryan JJ Buckley [freebsd] [14-01-04 17:54 +0000]:
| Hi,
| How do I tell FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE to recognise my
| STMicroelectronics USB Communicator as a umodem, and
| not as a ugen? Yes, I do have umodem and ucom both
| loaded. I have scoured the umodem(4) and ucom(4) man
| pages (which are pretty short) as well as the usb(4)
| man page, ugen(4), usbd(4) and usbdevs(4). Actually,
| running usbdevs -v just confirmed that the FreeBSD had
| apparantly all the information it needed (vendor ID,
| product ID, device class, description, etc.) - but it
| is still not attaching the right driver!
| I've seen this question asked before, but never
| answered. Here's hoping...
| JJ

I think if the given modem is detected as ugen, it is a winmodem and
not a real modem.


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