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Dear FreeBSD enthusiast,
In the list included on the original message, I forgot to mention the
shareware version of OS-BS boot manager program.
Thanks for your assistance.  Yours truly, Lee Shackelford
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Good morning, FreeBSD enthusiasts.

I am planning a multiple operating system installation on a Compaq Proliant
5000.  The purpose of the installation is hobbyist and instructional.  The
computer does not provide network management services.  The proposed
operating systems are Windows 95, FreeBSD, and Windows 2000 Server.  A
fourth operating system may be added at a later date.  Have you had any
experience with any of the following boot manager programs that may suggest
their relative applicability to this project?  The boot manager programs I
am considering include the following:  LILO, GRUB, MATT, NTLDR/BOOT.INI,
RANISH, and the boot loader that comes with FreeBSD, the name of which I do
not know.  Any information about positive or negative experiences with any
of these programs in a multiple operating system configuration would be
appreciated.  Your truly, Lee Shackelford
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