NOQUEUE: SYSERR (root): host "localhost" unknown ?

Rommel B. Ikeda r_ikeda at
Tue Jan 13 20:08:47 PST 2004


I do not know if the "Subject Name" was the right one for it...because I really do not know what is going on...

I have been seeing this message...

     554.5.3.0 host "localhost" unknown: Invalid Argument
     Jan.... IBM-R40e sm-mta [417] NOQUEUE:SYSERR (root)"localhost" unknown: Invalid Argument

during my boot-up process...but because I did not find anything wrong when I use my system...I just let it be...Not untill I encountered having a problem in my local package initialization...I am trying to use cannaserver for my Japanese input.

This is my system says about my cannaserver during boot-up process:

     local package initialization: cannaserver in malloc(): error allocation failed
     Jan... IBM-R40e kernel: pid 454 (cannaserver), uid: exited on signal 6
     Abort trap

I thought that this 2 are connected and I do not know what to do with it...
So, what is really going on in my system?  What is the problem?
Can anyone give me advice, or help insolving this problem...

Thanks in advance

Rommel Ikeda

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