How "safe" is 5.2 to use?

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Hi , 

You have to use FreeBSD 4.9, because you can see in freebsd web page
prodcution version is 4.9. and please test it maybe you will see you can not
install 5.2 on your hardware because when I try to install 5.1 on my intel
platform I faced a problem then now I'm using 4.9 . Everybody will say that
wait until more tested version and now its 4.9 

I didn't make a any update but suggested update mechanism is update in seris
for example 4.8 to 4.9 , but maybe problem can occur when you jump 4 to 5 .
I asked this question before and this is my knowledge what the list say . 


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Hello list,

I am relatively new to the world of FreeBSD. But first, congrats to the
new release! I am somewhat insecure on how trustfully I can use the new
release for my intended use (and I hope my questions haven't been posted a
zillion times before). Therefore I hope the FreeBSD nuts can advise me
whether to go for 4.9 or 5.2.

The setup:
hardware: DELL PowerEdge 1750 (Dual XEON, 2GB RAM, RAID 1).
web server: Apache 2.0, MySQL 4.0, PHP 4.3.4, Perl 5.8
mail server: Postfix, Cyrus IMAPd, Cyrus SASL, Amavis-new, SpamAssassin,

The servers will be used for virtual hosting as a small ISP evironment and
housed about 30min from where I work (in case I have to reset them...).

I don't know how and if the instability risks may affect such a setup of
services on the hardware described. Unfortunately, the advisories are kept
in pretty general language, however, I know it is hard to predict how it
will be running on a particular system. I just don't know FreeBSD well
enough to have a 'feel' about it (although I don't rely too much on
'feelings' in the world of computers). Is upgrading to 5.2 comparable to,
say, I upgrade from RedHat 9 to RedHat's newest release?

What I like about the 5.x releases is the possibility of taking file
system snapshots, for example to back up the mailboxes.

Thanks for all input. Dave.
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