Cyrus-imapd2 installed through ports question

Jason Williams jwilliams at
Mon Jan 12 15:59:55 PST 2004

Hello everyone.

I was having a problem after I installed cyrus-imapd2 through the ports tree.
Everything on the installation went well. However, im seeing a error pop up 
in my log that I cannot figure out.
Thus, I thought i'd ask here, see if anyone had any similiar problems.

Note, this is on a FreeBSD 4.9 box:

This is from my /var/log/auth.log

>Jan  5 23:54:39 obsidianbox imapd[8015]: OTP unavailable because can't 
>read/write key database /etc/opiekeys: Permission denied
>Jan  5 23:54:43 obsidianbox imapd[8015]: no user in db

The first one I figured out a workaround. Simple enough.

The second one though, is really driving me up a wall. I'm completely 
baffled as to why this is showing up my logs.
What is very odd, is that I can still connect and authenticate from a mail 
client. I also get it when I use 'imtest' for basic testing of the server. 
Lastly, I even get it when I connect to the 'cyradm' interface when I want 
to manage mailboxes.  Yet, I can still login and things work.

I've tried a variety of things and nothing seems to be working. Here is 
what I just did:

Did a fresh install of FreeBSD 4.9. CVSup the ports and source tree.
Navigated to /usr/ports/mail/cyrus-imapd2 port


As I type this email, im wondering if it could have been something I did:

1.) I actually edited the Makefile and changed the BDB_VER line from 3 to 
41. Looking on my command line option, I specified 41, but I did it with 
-DWITH. Not sure if that would cause any problems.

Anyone have any ideas on why im getting the "no user in db" entry in my log?

I'm at a loss here.



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