Trouble getting network card to work

Jared Cheney jaredcheney at
Sun Jan 11 15:00:35 PST 2004


I've just installed FreeBSD 4.9 and am having trouble getting my network
card to work.  It is very odd, because it appears as though the kernel
recognizes the card just fine and is using the pcn module to bring it up,

It is an AMD 79c79x card (according to FreeBSD).  I can view/set properties
via ifconfig - and it properly shows whether or not there is link.  I cannot
obtain a DHCP lease, nor can I ping any other hosts on my network when I
have a static IP configured.

To ensure that the NIC is fine and all cables, etc. - I booted from a
bootable Linux CD (Knoppix), where I was able to use the card fine to ping,
browse the Internet, etc.  Linux showed it as an AMD 79c970 [PCNET32 LANCE]

The card is called pcn0 in FreeBSD, and it says that it is sharing IRQ 10.
Running tcpdump for any length of time also shows that 0 packets were
received by the filter.

Anyone have any ideas as to what could be the problem?

Thanks, in advance,

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