5.2-RELEASE - Show stopper problem

Dan Nelson dnelson at allantgroup.com
Sat Jan 10 20:05:57 PST 2004

In the last episode (Jan 10), Ted Wisniewski said:
> In 5.2-RC and 5.2-RELEASE there appears to be some issue with
> filesystem or I/O subsystem under 5.2-X.  Now, You can install and do
> the normal kind of things, however, when you create a lot of I/O on
> the disk there seems to be a problem actually reading/writing it
> to/from disk.  For example, If I do a "make buildworld"...  It
> appears to go along ok.  However, I have had a number of (repeatable)
> situations where the "make installworld" will go so far then will not
> be able to complete.  In this case, there is an attempt to write data
> to disk that cannot complete; the process goes into a disk wait state
> (it cannot be killed, and will stay in this state ...  forever).
> For example the standard daily security script:
>   727  p0  T      0:00.00 sh 100.chksetuid
>   737  p0  T      0:02.14 find /usr -xdev -type f ( -perm -u+x -or -perm -g+x -or -perm -o+x ) ( -perm -u+s -or -perm -g+s

The 'T' state usually means that someone sent the process a STOP
signal.  Try running "kill -CONT 727 737" to start them back up. 

Processes waiting on disk I/O will be in the 'D' state, and you can run
"ps axO wchan" to print the specific part of the kernel it's waiting

	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at allantgroup.com

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