gdm doesn't allow username input

Mark Zytkovicz markz at
Wed Jan 7 13:09:03 PST 2004

This is a strange one.

I've just finished a massive port upgrade on 5.0-release.
I logged out of gnome (probably shouldn't have even
been there, but whatever) and it noted that the versions
of gdm were different, restart gdm or reboot.  I figure
it was as good a time as any to reboot.

Well, gdm comes up and asks for the password - no username.
Nothing I type gets me anywhere.  I can go through the
menus and enter the root password to configure the login
manager, but I never get asked to enter the username, just
the password.

I've checked google, bsdforums and current, and haven't
seen any mention of it.  I have gdm2 as of Jan5, and can't
get into a server right now to cvsup.

Any thoughts?


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