Disk defragmentation

Mazen S. Alzogbi freebsd at mazenalzogbi.com
Wed Jan 7 09:31:14 PST 2004

Yeah, I just landed from MS Planet to FreeBSD and I am NOT leaving :)

Thanks for the explanation.



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> Hi,
> How can I defragment my HDD partitions in FreeBSD?

You don't need to.   The FreeBSD file systems don't have a problem
with fragmentation.    If you run fsck and see the word fragments, it
means something other than in the MS world.

But, if you insist on doing it, your best bet would be to use
dump(8) to make a complete backup of the filesystem.  Then
re-newfs(8) it and then restore(8) the backup in to it.


> Cheers,
> Mazen

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