Commercial Distribution?

Harald Schmalzbauer h at
Tue Jan 6 19:01:16 PST 2004

On Wednesday 07 January 2004 03:14, David D.W. Downey wrote:
> And how is that different from Linux? FreeBSD is an Operating System, so is
> Red Hat, Debian, Stampede, SLS, Slackware, and on and on. FreeBSD does the

You name it. These are all different operating systems arround a linux kernel. 
FreeBSD is the operating system, linux isn't. That's the whole difference.


P.S: Lot's of tools are developed by *BSD developers and included instead of 
GNU versions (ls e.g.)

> same thing. FreeBSD didn't develop OpenSSL but it includes it, nor did it
> develop SSH or swat, but it includes them. Just as linux distributions do.
> There is no big difference. Linux has more commercial support including
> first tier support, ala IBM, Compaq, Dell, and to s much shorter extent Sun
> Microsystems.
> You'll find many web hosting firms that offer managed care that can handle
> the operating system complete with technical support on most dedicated
> boxes. However, remember there that you're dealing with web farming.
> I don't know of many larger firms that offer specificly FreeBSD assistance
> except through VARs or custom box shops. If this is the route you’re
> looking to take, I'd be more than happy to lend assistance.
> David D.W. Downey
> > You're touching on a big difference between Linux and FreeBSD; FreeBSD
> > is an operating system, whereas Linux is a kernel which can be packaged
> > with different programs.  You can make do anything you want with
> > FreeBSD, modify it all you want, release it (or not) along with the
> > source code (or not), but you can't claim it''s FreeBSD any more...
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