partition resizing help!!! PLZ

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Sun Jan 4 10:09:34 PST 2004

> when I installed freebsd I tried to resize the /dev
> partion bigger and It told me it was not possible even
> though I had 5GB of free space it only let me to use
> preset partition sizes:(
> So know my /dev partiotion is too small. and the OS
> is installed with KDE as GUI. and my /dev fills to
> compasity and fails every thing that dosna fit into
> it.
> Is there a way to resize the partions Now without
> having to reinstall from scratch.

Well, I have never made a separate partition for /dev, but...

You also don't say what you tried.
If you tried to use growfs, you have to have empty space contiguous 
with the partition to grow in to it.  If the space is not contiguous,
no matter how much there is, I don't think you can grow in to it.
Partitions are contiguous chunks of disk space.

You will have to back things up and rebuild from scratch.

ALso, if you have a /dev partition and it is filling up, I think
you might have some other problem such as a non-made device that
you are writing to which the system is just treating as a regular
file and not a device.   /dev isn't normally so big.


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