ps2 optical wheel mouse problems

DanGer danger at
Sun Feb 29 10:13:48 PST 2004

On Sunday 29 February 2004 17:39, Jerry M. Howell II wrote:
> Hello all.,
>   I recently installed freeBSD 5.2 and have a problem. I have most
>   everything working corectly except the mouse. I set it to auto and it
>   detects the mouse but it jumps all over the screen. It's a prety
>   standard optical wheel mouse that seems to work fine under 4.8 and
>   under all distros of linux I've used so far. I've tried every
>   configuration I can think of under the sun. Does anyone have any
>   recomendations?
> thnx

I have similar problem. My optical mouse (Dexxa Optical) doesent works
properly (i had in dmesg.boot log about that system found it), it just jumps 
over the screen and i cant move my cursor to thepoint i want. When I 
use normal mouse (not optical) everythink is okay (but my second 
mouse is really old and i want to use new one). I didnt solved this 
problem and still using old one. Nobody couldnt helps me.

DanGer <danger at>

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