Does anybody installed DVD Rom on FreeBSD 4.9?

Chris Meyers chris at
Wed Feb 25 10:17:13 PST 2004

On Wed, 2004-02-25 at 11:15, Carla Neves wrote:
>  Hi dear FreeBSD users,
>  I would like to install a DVD R+W on my Proliant Ml330 for backups 
>  purposes.
>  Before I buy the DVD Rom, I would like to know if someone has done 
>  that before with success for FreeBSD 4.9.
>  I checked on freebsd sites that there is a SW for FreeBSD 4.9, 
> called, 
>  used for burning DVDs and it is compatible with several DVD R+W 
>  providers. Anyway, I would like to know if I need something more 
>  besides this SW, like: DVD drivers, Kernel configurations...
>  Thanks in advance for your help
>  CG

I have used a DVD burner for saving backups for a couple months now and
it works fine. The burner I have is a generic Memorex DVD+RW model.
There are a couple steps that you will need to go through before being
able to burn discs with your drive (at least I had to go through these

First you will need to add a line to your kernel conf file and
recompile. The line to add is:

device		atapicam

Next you will need to install sysutils/dvd+rw-tools. This will give you
some command line dvd authoring tools, the most useful of the bunch is
growisofs. The man page for growisofs is good, probably a bit too good
for general backups. The basic command you need to run is:

growisofs -Z /dev/cd0 -R -J path/to/directory_or_file

The -R and -J aren't strictly necessary. Also the device, will more than
likely not match what dmesg lists for your dvd drive. For me dmesg shows
the following for my drive:

acd0: DVD-R <Memorex DVD+/-RW Dual-X1> at ata1-master PIO4

However the atapicam device in your recompiled kernel does some SCSI
emulation (or something like that) and the cd0 device is necessary for
the growisofs command (of course your drive may be cd1 or cd2 rather
than 0 depending on your hardware).

One final note. I have not had any luck getting growisofs to work with
files over 2GB. Growisofs relies on mkisofs which has been giving me
problems with large files. I eventually removed the standard version of
mkisofs and replaced it with mkisofs-devel, and that will happily work
on files larger than 2GB. Now when I use growisofs it goes through the
whole process without any errors, but when I try to read the disc I get
errors about the file being too large. If anyone has any suggestions to
get around this issue I would be grateful.

Hope this helps,
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