Native Support?

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Wed Feb 25 10:11:10 PST 2004

Allen Mah wrote:
> To whom it may concern. I would like to know if HighPoint Technologies,
> HPT374 IC will still have native support in future FreeBSD release beyond
> version 5.0 ? 

Hi, Allen--

FreeBSD 5.2 contains the following in src/sys/dev/ata/ata-pci.h:

#define ATA_HIGHPOINT_ID        0x1103
#define ATA_HPT366              0x00041103
#define ATA_HPT372              0x00051103
#define ATA_HPT302              0x00061103
#define ATA_HPT371              0x00071103
#define ATA_HPT374              0x00081103 I believe the answer to your question is yes.  You might get more 
detailed answers asking on <freebsd-current at>.  I've got a HPT370 
which has been working fine, but it's nice to see hardware vendors being 
interested in having FreeBSD support their products...


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