Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Wed Feb 18 11:59:43 PST 2004

> Want to give it a try!

OK.  Good idea.

> Very experienced with all versions of windows, have been building 
> computers for 15 years..
> Sick of the windows restrictions.....
> What am I in for??????????????????

Some learning work and then some good times with a actual working system.

> Have tried many versions of Linux.....There are too many anymore.....
> Where is a good place to start?
> What's a good read to get up 2 speed???????

Start with reading pretty much everything on the FreeBSD web site.
especially the handbook and FAQs.
There are several good books out.  I get along quite well with
  FreeBSD Unleashed  by Michael Urban and Brian Tiemann
Someone has walked off with my copy of the Complete FreeBSD which
is also good.    But, the FreeBSD Handbook is most authoritative
and is online at the FreeBSD site and also available in print at
various places.

Of course, man pages are essential reading for various things.
But, you knew that.


> patrick.rooney at<mailto:patrick.rooney at> (work) 
> I have time to read
> patrickrooney1 at<mailto:patrickrooney1 at> (home) I have time 
> too play with new operating systems
> thanks
> pjr
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